Why One Company Stands Above All the Rest

"Our mission at Avery
Hall Insurance Group is to provide our customers and the companies we represent
with the highest standard of service, dedication, and professionalism. We are
committed to doing things right. We have chosen to do business with honesty,
integrity and fairness.

When founding Avery Hall in 1925, Mr. Hall instilled in
every employee the need to treat people right the first time you meet them, and
every time after. He reminded all to "always remember that we are dealing with
people and people like to be respected. When someone comes into our office we
should always be conscious of maintaining dignity, courtesy and
understanding." It's that same philosophy that drives the success of the
insurance group today.

Avery Hall was voted the best Agency on the Shore due to the
recognition it had earned by all as a leader in the insurance industry.
"Dedicated staff is the largest contributor to the agency's continued
success."  The sheer number of
insurance carriers the company represents and the extensive experience of the
staff allows Avery Hall Ins. to provide the best and most affordable insurance
coverage possible for their customers

Our goal is to provide insurance that is accessible and affordable
for everyone. Avery Hall Insurance is unique because, as their president
stated, "they care about the customers they work with."  They're not clients, they're friends. They
have formed lasting relationships with most of their customers and bring on new
accounts every day with the intent to foster long lasting relationships as they
have done for 88 years.Avery Hall Ins. represents many National Carriers and many
Super Regional and Regional Carriers. These markets provide their customers
with automobile, life, health, business, 
homeowners insurance, farm, flood and the many various other lines of
business that their customers may need. Avery Hall Insurance Group continues to
grow in size in order to serve a larger area and provide more people with
quality, affordable insurance to protect their families, property, business and

Today, the Avery Hall Insurance Group is looking to the
future. "Together with its experienced staff and the influx of new young
employees wanting to join our field, the future of Avery Hall is bright," says
Tom Wisniewski.  "I will match our
expertise and professionalism against any agency, Avery Hall has and will stand
out above others. We've been serving Delmarva for 88 years and another 88 is
not out of the equation."

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